Sunday, June 22, 2008

On the mend

Thank goodness, I'm well on the way to recovery from the dasterdly childhood illness.... But this past week was so crazy that I didn't have a chance to do anything. Poor Tom got no celebration for Father's Day (for the 2nd year in a row and he's only been able to celebrate 2 years). Last year I was down for the count getting ready for surgery. Then He missed out on truly celebrating his birthday this week (last year I was recovering from surgery). But... we survived and all those fun celebrations we just put off celebrating for a week or so (Thanks sweetheart, and I'm so sorry......).

But here's a few snapshot moments from this past week.

Megan is all about sitting in chairs. She's even figured out how to sit in her hippo... but then she gets confused on how to sit and make it more. We have a rocker that Tom had from his childhood and it is her favorite "toy". She will climb up in it and rock herself or get her babydoll and rock it. It's so cute. I'll have to get a video of her in it.

And I couldn't go to the pool this week since I was sick, so we made due with some water fun in the backyard.

Megan is still trying to figure out how to climb into her water table. It's a hard line to tow when it's so funny to watch her try, and yet I'm trying to teach her to not climb in there.

With me being sick, Megan and Tom got lots of daddy/daughter time. Which Tom said was a great way to celebrate Father's Day and his birthday. I just love watching them together.

To top off the week/weekend.... we had a little grilling accident.

You might remember the fun little grill that Megan LOVES to push around - well it got away from her and she was still holding on.... splat goes Megan on the driveway. Ended her Saturday with a skinned knee and a scraped up and bruised forehead. But that tough little cookie. She cried when it happened, cried for a minute and then we put the "boo boo bunny" ice cube on her head and she suddenly was fine. Within 5 minutes of the accident she was off in the playroom climbing on her little rocking chair. Resiliant little girl, that's for sure.

I'm hoping to get some cute video's posted in the next day or so (if megan cooperates with her naps).

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