Friday, May 30, 2008

Long Trip - part 4

Coming home...
We had a great little family vacation and it was a beautiful place to be. But I have to admit that we were all ready to come home. Not really looking forward to the long drive back - but we tried to make that as fun as possible as well.

Before we left, we got Megan good and tired with one last jaunt on the beach...

Uncle Dan.... Megan got some special treasures (aka - sea shells) for you. She's excited about your trip down next week! 7 days and couting!!!!!
Then we danced our way back home. Megan had so much fun dancing at the wedding that she would break into dancing everywhere we went. It was adorable. It was even more fun if you asked her to dance. She would do a little boogie then stick her arms out behind her (hence the picture below) and do a little turn.
She had a flower from the wedding that was her constant companion at the rest stops and playgrounds we stopped at.
It was a very long trip back - Megan didn't nap well in the car so we ended up stopping a LOT.... Finally at the Georgia welcome station near Augusta she got her dancing out and we put her in PJ's and she slept the last leg of the trip. Here's a video of her dancing at the rest area.

Yeah - it's sideways. Sorry - I keep forgetting that I can't turn the video around (or at least I don't know how) - so you'll have to sort of look at it with your head cocked to the side. But it was too cute to not post.

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