Monday, May 19, 2008

Going to Church

Do you sometimes wonder what happens in other people's cars while they are driving? Here's a fly on the wall view of our trip to church yesterday...

The days are coming to a close where I could hope for Megan to take a short nap in the car on the way to church. We usually go early because Tom has to be at church early for choir - and I can drive around a bit to get Megan to fall asleep. She needs a little 30 minute nap to make it through Sunday school and Church (which is inconviently timed to be smack in the middle of her morning nap). This week we went to church with my parents for a special 20th year celebration. Our family were charter members of this church plant and my parents are still involved there. So we headed out to Snellville and knew that Megan would get a good nap on the way... yeah - not so much!

I just know we aren't ready for a 1 nap schedule. Megan will sleep almost 2 hours at each of her naps... So I don't know what our sunday's will look like if she stops taking that car nap.

I'll try to post some more things later today. Tomorrow we are starting the switch from Charter to At&T so we know that our phone and internet may be a little wacky during the transition.


Sandy P said...

I am working this week on moving to one nap. Macie has never been a good sleeper, but she has started getting up before 6am. So I am trying to move her to one nap. We will see how it goes. Today, she fell asleep for 5 minutes on the way to music class. Later she slept all of 1 1/2 hours. She went down at 7:30ish. Hopefully she will begine to a little longer at night now.

Leslie L. said...

I don't know when we'll figure out the whole church and nap thing... I really miss Sunday school, though.