Thursday, May 15, 2008

Before the rains came...

It's been a beautiful week and Megan and I have had a chance to get out and explore. Megan's been doing some of her own exploring this week and suddenly decided she wanted to be in charge of the spoon. It's not all the time - but when she has it, she's been doing pretty good.

You are probably thinking - what the heck are you giving her that's blue???? Someone suggested freezing the gogurt portable yogurt sticks to help with teething... didn't really work for us. So we have the rest in the frig. Megan goes straight for them. They are soooo messy that I can't let her suck on them (as is directed) so ours goes into a bowl.

After all our food adventures we needed some time in the great outdoors..... There's a great park not too far from us (Riverside Park) and Megan loved it. The last time we were there she was just a little non-mobile tyke. Oh this trip was sooo different.

She loved the big dinosaur bouncy things (do those things actually have a name?)
And who knew that a bunch of chains would make her so happy. You see all the slides in the background... we spent LOTS of time on those!

But it'll be interesting the day she figures out how to climb the dino stairs...

Later that day we had dinner with our Natalie and then headed to yet another park right by the house. Megan enticed Natalie to bounce with her on one of those nameless bouncy things.

Today the rain m0ved in so ourside adventures were put on hold. But we got creative...more on that another day.

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