Thursday, May 8, 2008

Redneck Popsicle Lover

I love this little girl... she is so amusing! Ok, she's also a hand full - but still amusing!

It was such a great day out. It's nice and warm, but there is a great breeze! Megan LOVES feeling the wind blowing! Note the little scream of joy that you just know she's letting out - and the leaf that stuck to her forehead. All that happiness from a gust of wind!! (she why she's so amusing!)

After we played outside awhile I got out some popsicles I just bought. Megan is teething again.... ugh.... and I thought maybe they would with how much her gums seem to be bothering her. Of course I'm no fool... the white shirt had to come off. So my little redneck sat in the front yard topless eathing her popsicle. They are little mini popsicles and she can actually hold them by the stick. She LOVED them....

What really amazed me was the streams of melted popsicle flowing down her tummy. I had to get a true redneck shot so you could see the final result of the popsicle break.

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