Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Outing with Friends

The past week or so I've had a hard time blogging. We've had some computer issues. Actually our computer is just fine... It's Charter that I really dispise! I can say that now that I've had it out with several Charter employees. And supposedly they are on their way here for an appt. sometime between 3-5pm.... of course they just totally ignored the fact that the appt was actually scheduled for yesterday for between 1-4. When at 5:15 I called to say - hey what's up? They told me that it might be 8pm before they came. GREAT! So at 8:45pm when I called back after having cancelled all my plans for the day.... seeing the issue I have! At any rate, we'll see if they actually show up. No matter - the internet is mysteriously up and running, the phone somehow got a dialtone while I was out today (No tone this morning) and we are about to quit Charter. :^)

At any rate - I had to catch up on some fun time with friends.

Last week some of Tom's friends came to town from Fargo. Mr. Brian kept Megan entertained with pictures of his boys.

We met up with Will and Tressa last week and had a fun outing to Chick-fil-a. It was fun as usual and Will and Megan got to have some fun in the play area.

While we were there, we ran into Robyn and Kenny. Kenny kept Megan very entertained in the tunnels.

And once we got home - it's always fun to go play with the boys next door. Hunter and Megan love to play in their fire truck. It's always fun to watch Hunter and Mandell take care of Megan. She truly is the girl next door.
We had dinner with them yesterday (Megan and I - tom was at the court house praying to not get put on a jury - yipee, he didn't) and I have some fun pictures to post later (if the internet is still working).

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