Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mall

This weekend we met up with some friends - Kevin, Robyn, and Kenny - for a casual dinner out and some playtime at the mall for the kiddos. I've found that one of the best places to go with Megan is Steak and Shake.
Some out there may be thinking crazy - but seriously, she's always entertained by the bright colors and people and it's got lots of walking room for a roaming toddler. I'm amazed at how many families are there. AND... if you are trying to teach your child to drink from a straw (megan would never really drink out of a sippy cup) it's the best place for them to learn... they have the best milk shakes and that's how Megan learned to use a straw. Yes, I realize I won't get the parent of the year award for that one!

Afterwards we headed to the mall for some firsts.... First escalator ride - she loved it! She wanted to ride up and down over and over again (thanks Dad!)
First time Daddy got to try to keep up with her in the "soft play space". All I have to say is - there were some BIG kids in there and the lady with the balloon needed to not be hitting the balloon around. Yes, Megan thought that was GREAT... but it also caused her to be the bottom layer of someone else's landing zone. Overall it was fun - and fun to see Tom chasing her while I got to chat and be social.
It was our first playdate with Kenny. Outside they got to check out the vegetation - you know, that's Megan's favorite thing.

I'll try to post more later - if our internet is actually fixed.... we'll see.

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