Monday, May 12, 2008

More Outdoor Fun

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So - I'm thinking this may be a rough summer. By rough - I mean HOT! This weekend we enjoyed some warm temps but nice breezes as well. It was so warm this past week that I broke down and got Megan a water table. Since we are under water restrictions, I figured it was the best outdoor toy that I could invest in.

I've been scouring Craigs List and consignment stores and sales for one, but had no luck. Finally a good Toys R Us coupon was too much to pass up. So..... I unveiled it on Saturday so that Megan could play while Tom and I tried to get some outdoor work done. She had a great time and I know it'll be an on-going hit this summer! I just have to work on getting her to understand that she's not supposed to drink the water, or pour it down her shirt.

The breeze sent leaves flying and that's always fun for Megan.
And her little convertible is NEVER far away when we are outside. She's fascinated by the wheels. Perhaps we have a little future mechanic on our hands!

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Sandy P said...

Macie got a sand and water table for her birthday, but it is still in the box downstairs.