Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Trip - Part 2

Part 2... daily life in a hotel room....
We got a hotel that was on the beach and had 2 pools - one indoor and one outdoor. After the realization of how cold the water was and how much Megan disliked the beach - we were soooo thankful for the pools.
And we loved our balcony! We had a few picnic's out there and Megan loved it. She especially loved the experience of chomping on an apple... I think it's her new favorite snack.

And since we were in Kill Devil Hills (just north of Nagshead) the "home of modern aviation"- where the Wright Brothers had their first flight - we had to go check it out.
Megan loved the open area to toddle around in... and she really really wanted to get at the models of the airplanes ---we didn't spend much time inside the museum....:^)
That smile on her face isnt' from the replica of the Wright Brothers first plane - it's from how much fun she's having playing with the rope. Who knew bars and ropes were that awesome!?
They do have a cool bronze replica that you can climb all over (with a little help from Daddy).
All that - and it's not even the weekend yet.
Part 3 to come later....


Uncle Dan said...

Valerie, thanks for the update. I have missed your amusing musings about the munchkin! I laughed out loud at the apple eating picture. Can't believe I fly just eight days from this very minute. I can't wait to spend time with Megan and visit her favorite places!

I am down to two days (one with kids and one without). They've been pretty good this week, but we are all glad school is about over!

hmferrero said...

I was wondering what you guys were up to. Glad you're off having fun and not just home & having internet issues.