Friday, May 9, 2008

A week in Review

What a week..... it's been full of fun and frustration.

Fun with Megan and friends!

Frustration with Charter. Every single day this week we've had technicians out here (or failing to show for an appt.). Every single day I've spent at least an hour on the phone with them. It's been sooo irritating. Today was no different - technician was here at 9 - nothing worked, when he left - nothing worked still. Basically he said, "I have no clue what's wrong. I can't find any indication as to why you have no phone or internet. I'm totally stumped and you are up a creek. So I'll send a street line crew out later (by the way, they've only been here 3 times in the past 2 weeks) because it has to be something to do with the street line (by the way, they swear the street line is fine and it's a house issue). So........ we are debundling with Charter and going back to AT&T for phone and internet. Until they get it all fixed up.... I have to deal with randomly having no phone or internet for most of the day. But right now - it's up and running and Megan is napping so I'm back in touch with the world! :^)

That was the frustration part... here are some highlights of the fun parts of the week (when we weren't stuck inside waiting for a technician).

If you need something to occupy some time - like to keep a baby from getting fussy when it's almost bedtime, or to "reset" a fussy baby, or just because you wonder what they'll do .... try stickers!
Megan loves to try to get all the stickers we put on her. She now knows right were to go to get some stickers (left overs from my teaching days) and she'll bring them to us so that she can play the "sticker game". It's fun to watch her get so serious about getting the stickers.
One day we were outside waiting for the charter person (imagine that) and Megan got ahold of the phone. Thankfully we had no service at that point anyway. (then why is the phone outside? because randomly it will suddenly start working and if I miss the computerized call, they'll cancel my appt.). Megan knows to pick up a phone and say "eh yo". It's hard to take the phone away when you realize she's having a conversation with someone she thinks is on the other end (usually Daddy).
No week is complete with a trip to the park. We actually hit 3 parks this week - but only once did I have my camera. I have to say, I'm a little concerned about the summer. It was only in the lower 80's this week and on this park trip, Megan got so fussy because she was so hot. Oh dear!
We spent a lot of time outside... I think that will be the case for the next few months. Megan loves to explore and is really doing well with her walking - which is no small feat in the grass. All her little friends seem to be sick right now and thankfully we've somehow managed to escape illness... I pray that will continue!

This week we also met up with some friends at a Kindermusik demo that my friend Ashley was holding. I have some fun fun pictures of that but someone is waking up so that will have to be another post - when ever the internet is up this weekend.

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hmferrero said...

so are you switching to comcast? i would die if the internet was out that long!