Sunday, December 9, 2007

When will the tooth come in...

I am absolutely amazed at how long it takes for an itty bitty tooth to actually break through the gum. Oh my goodness.... With Megan's first tooth I could feel it and see the little buds for several weeks. But then her second one shot through within a week later. Now we are working on our first top tooth. I can feel it in there, but it's not through yet. And it's been a rough time for Megan. Bless her heart, she just wants to chew on anything she can find. She had grown tired of our JeJe teether (see past teething blog) but today she had it in her mouth for almost a solid hour this morning. It stops vibrating every 7 minutes and I knew when 7 minutes had passed because she would throw it down. Then I'd hit the button to turn it on and she'd pick it back up. I'm trying to teach her how to turn it on herself, but that's a lesson for another day.

With all that teething going on, it's sometimes a battle of trying to keep her preoccupied so that she doesn't have a chance to get grumpy. We are trying to keep her on the floor as much as possible so that she'll finally get over her crawling hump and take off. (I know I'll regret wanting that as soon as she starts moving). She loves her doorway jumper.

Here's a picture of her jumping and in mid scream... it's a little blury due to all the activity and her eyes are closed - but you get the idea of how much fun she is having...
Today was a fun day for Megan. I went to a baby shower this morning and Megan got Daddy time! They evidently had a blast. Then by the time I got home it had warmed up to almost 70 degrees. Woohoo! A little blast of summer after a cold spell. It was so great we went for a really long walk (Which Megan loves - we'll have to get that on video to post), and then we played outside on a blanket for an hour. Let's just say Megan took some good naps today!! I'm hoping she'll keep it up so that maybe I can get our Christmas cards out on time this year.

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