Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one! So check in I'll have many more posts coming at you. I may not get them all in today - but they'll definitely be up over the next couple of days.

On Saturday, Megan got to go celebrate the birthday of her friend Andrew. She had a great time at the party, and little Andrew was the cutest 1 year old you ever saw! It took him awhile to get into his cake, but he thought the candle was cool! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!
One of the main hits of the party for Megan was the cool balloons. She thought they were awesome. Here's one of her (sheer joy on her face) when she finally got close enough to touch it.Here's the scream of delight when it kept floating down towards her and then someone would make it go up again. She was so funny to watch because no matter where she was in the room, she would find the balloon and watch it like a hawk.Andrew's sister, Amber (in the red), helped Andrew open some of this presents. Megan would occasionally get the rewards of having some paper thrown her way - she was in hog heaven. It gave us a glimpse of how fun Christmas was going to be. Crinkly paper is Megan's favorite toy (along with balloons).Megan's friend, Sarah Michelle, was also at the party. So the girls got to play together a bit. It was all quite amusing to them.After all the presents were open, Andrew was sweet enough to let Megan play with some of his new toys. Andrew was sporting his ride while Megan kept a beat on Andrews new ball.The party was so much fun that it just wore little Megan out. She was exhausted and asleep before we even got out of the neighborhood.
All that fun - it's hard to believe that Megan is on her way to turning 1. It's been so amazing to watch Andrew grow up - get teeth, learn to crawl, start to walk - and know that Megan is only a few months behind him. It's like a preview of whats to come! Happy Birthday Andrew - thanks fo letting us share in your day of fun!

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