Sunday, December 9, 2007

We are CRAWLING....

Oh my goodness..... Tonight we went to church to see the Christmas performance to cheer Dad on (he was singing in the choir). Megan was in the best mood because she took an almost 3 hour nap. She was so excited to see her cousins that she wanted to talk to them and play (especially her cousin Daniel - who is one of her namesakes)- unfortunately it wasn't really the place for it, so we ended up out in the narthex with some other friends and little ones. Megan decided she wanted to go see her friend Macie (Macie is almost 11 months old) - and she crawled right on over! I could hardly contain myself!!!! But as with all things, I knew that it would probably take weeks to get her do do it again (she likes to try something and then take a break until it suits her again).... but oh no - everytime I put her down after that, she's practicing. We got home tonight and I put her in her room to see what she would do and she promptly showed me all the things that are not baby-proofed. Ummm.. there was a lot! I was trying to video her crawling and had to keep dropping the camera to get the cord out of her mouth, or move her away from the blanket she could pull off the ottoman (since there was a basket of socks on top). I'll try to post a video later - I have to figure out how to get it off the camera and onto my computer. But I had to let you know - Megan is on the move!

Have a little Holiday fun....
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Dawn said...

YEAH, MEGAN!!! We knew you could do it! Now you're going to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes! Congratulations on the mobility, big girl! We are very, very proud of you!!!

Love always,

Uncle Tony, Auntie Dawn, Halee, Bebe, Bear & Buddy