Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Good.... Christmas Sad

More memories to share...
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Megan loves to be flipped upside down by Daddy.

Grandma made cookies for all the grandkids to decorate. Megan tried to get in on all the fun with Daniel, Justin and Anna... but in the end - she ended up having her first taste of sugar cookies. It was easier that way!

Aaaaaaaaa-Chooooooooo! Uuuhhhhh OOOOhhhhhh!!

Daniel, Justin and Anna are great playmates! The are so cute with Megan - they love to entertain her and have a contest to see who can make her laugh and smile more.After opening stockings together, Megan was enthralled by Daniels new Disney World hat. Daniel being the good sport (and racking up points for getting her to laugh and smile) let her pull it off his head. They are really fun to watch together. Megan adores Daniel!Justin and Anna playing with all the toys in their stockings. It was so fun - What a wonderful First Christmas for Megan...

And then... the Christmas Sad began.

We knew that Megan had been fussy all week and the cough that developed on Sunday got progressively worse and on Christmas it turned into a wheezy cough. So today it was off to the Dr. We had a feeling she had an ear infection and we were right. But we also were worried that her cough wasn't of the common cold variety. And unfortunately we were right there too. She's developed Acute Bronchiolitis with RSV. Yuck. So now she's on an antibiotic for her ear infection and gets breathing treatments for the bronchiolitis.

I wish I had my camera at the Dr's office. When they determined that she needed something for her breathing they wanted to try her on a breathing treatment machine. It's hooked to the wall and there is a mask you have to keep on for 7 minutes - connected to the mask is the medicine. You know - bull riders are supposed to stay on the bull for 7 seconds..... Well I think I could try out for bullriding after today's adventure. I told Tom that he didn't need to come, after all it wasn't like we were getting shots or anything. OH MY GOSH! At one point I had Megan's feet held down by my legs, One hand was holding the mask one, the other was trying to get her hands down, and in the process she grabbed the cord, pulled the mask off, knocked the medicine part to the floor (here's where I am scrambling to get it reassembed before I have to explain this to the Dr or nurse how I can't hold a little baby down). If there had been a referee there they would have held her hand up and declared her the winner of our little wrestling match. Anyway - ended up she inhaled enough to know that it helped her so we were sent home with a portable one. Thank goodness this is much easier to handle. Tonight Tom and I got it put together and gave her a treatment and she actually sat still -- maybe that was because it only takes a few seconds since this one is done with an inhaler attached to a duck bill... perhaps it was me going quack quack quack quack.... Yeah - I know, you are all wishing we had that on tape!


Sandy P said...

How did she do? Did the tips from the Dr. work. I have been thinking about you!

hmferrero said...

oh my goodness! that sounds very scary! i hope she gets better real soon.

as far as the spacing - it freaks out when you have a lot of pictures. i have to go into the Edit Html mode and try to fix it when it does that.