Saturday, December 15, 2007

Boys, Boys, Boys

Ok it seems like we are surrounded by baby boys. Now I do know friends with girls - but in our music class we realized there are only 2 girls - and like 10 boys. It's amazing. Today Megan had a rough day (and night last night). We were going to a little kiddo Christmas party and I thought - she'll never make it. I just knew that we were going to end up leaving early due to a very fussy baby. But what do you know, other kids were there and Megan was so enamored by them all. She really didn't pay much attention to the girls - but she was crawling after the older boys and had her hands all over our friend Will (sorry Will about the eye poke!). It makes me cringe to think of what's ahead for poor ole Daddy.

Oh yes, and while I'm thinking of it.... I take back what I said in an earlier post about "teething tablets" not working.... you know I pulled them back out the other day and now that Megan does have teeth - they are awesome! She gets one in her mouth and its an immediate calming and she's fine for hours. So if you have tried them and like me thought - what a waste... don't get rid of them, try them later and see if after the first teeth break through if it has a different effect.

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