Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Tales From The Weekend

There are a couple of posts I'm making today so keep reading...
As I said in an earlier blog - what a weekend. We were on the go most of the weekend. It ended up working really well with Megan's schedule. Pretty much we were home when she was napping, and off when she wasn't. The weekend really helped us make the transition from 3 naps a day to 2 naps a day. Now that doesn't mean the 2 naps a day is easy - goodness no. It's still a fight to keep Megan awake and occupied for 3-4 hours in the middle of the day so that she takes 2 good naps. Usually at about 2-2 1/2 hours, she starts to get really really tired. So it's another hour of Mommy trying to keep her happy and awake (and me not going crazy in the process). The best bet - go out somewhere! Now that it's gotton colder, it's a little more difficult. Megan would love to be outside all the time -but it's winter.... So we have to get creative. I'm up for suggestions if anyone has them!
On Sunday, Megan made it though church (her last Sunday in the baby nursery - she had to say goodbye to everyone - this week she moves up to the crawlers). As soon as she was in the car, she was out. So we went home for a 3 hour nap and then got up to head back to church for the kids Christmas show. We have several friends who had kids in the program. It was great! I have to say, I just smiled and thought - I wonder what Megan will do when she's up there in a couple of years? Will she be the little one who screams the words, the shy one who won't open their mouth, the little girl who is playing with the hair of the girl in front of her, the one who is mesmerized by her parents watching her and waves the whole time, or the one with the "wardrobe malfunction" who's dress is over her head most of the time????? Guess we'll just have to wait and see - until then, here are some shots of the other folks cuties...

Some of them are a little blurry or dark because we were sitting way in back, in case Megan had to make a fast escape.

Megan enjoyed watching the show. She even saw her friend Olivia (I have no idea how she saw her from so far away) but she had her eye on her the entire time. (In the picture above, Olivia is in the front row, in the middle, sort of turned around looking over her shoulder)
After the show, we raced home for a neighborhood party. It was fun to finally meet some of our other neighbors. Megan had fun playing with the boys next door. The 2 older boys (Mandall and Hunter) love her! They shower her with kisses whenever we see them. They also have a baby in the house - Cooper. He's about 2 months younger than Megan. It was fun - Thanks Mandi for hosting such a fun gathering!

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