Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trip to the Park

I have to say I love our 70 degree December weather. In the past I think I would be a little disappointed because it "doesn't feel like Christmas" - you know, I'm over that! Megan loves to be outside so much that it's really been a blessing to have some nice days. I have to admit it is a little wierd to dress her in short sleeves in Mid-December... but it's also been good because she can scoot around the house in her little onesies and practice crawling. Yesterday we took a nice stroll to the park (how awesome is that to have a park within walking distance). Megan loves to swing. To top it off, there were some other kids there playing so she had lots to entertain her. She would sit in the swing and squeal at the other kids. She got their attention all right and then they would come talk to her and Megan was just in heaven.
At our park, they also have those fun metal animals that you can ride (I have fond memories of them from my childhood). I'm hoping someone out there knows what I'm talking about - the ones on the big spring that bounce around when you get on. Megan loved being put on that and having mommy make him gallop - you can see her hand in the air, I think she thinks she's riding a bucking bronco. Yee Haw!
Unfortunately, our unseasonably mild temperatures are going to be falling soon and by this weekend it'll be cold again. So we'll have to live it up outdoors while we still can!

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Dawn said...

Hello, Georgia Blaisdells!

Your 70-degree weather sounds a bit like Heaven!!! It's 19 and windy here in Minnesnowta today. You can leave those short sleeves home when you come to visit! Ha ha! It'll sure feel warmer and sunnier once we see your smiling faces!!! We're counting the days!!!

We love you!!!

Tony, Dawn, Halee, Bebe, Bear and Buddy