Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby signs

We've been working on some simple "baby signs" with Megan. Just little things to help her communicate without screaming at us. The big sign we've worked on is "more". Well the funny thing about that is that Megan occasionally uses it when she's eating. She really uses it when we are giving her teething tablets or tylenol. Great - a medicine junkie! Today I had given her 2 teething tablets because she was jamming her fingers in her mouth and crying and banging toys into her top gums (and the "experts" say that there is no such thing as teething pain - yeah, whatever!!!). As soon as she had disolved the tablets, she looked at me and as clear as day made her "more" sign. It was so cute I wanted to give her more just to reward her. Of course, I didn't, but don't think it wasn't a battle.
Megan has been working on some other signs of her own to tell me what she wants me to know. Like grabbing the spoon and throwing it across the room to tell me she dosen't want anymore. Yeah, not liking that one so much. But the absolutely cutest and maybe strangest (and a little sad) is when she pulls off her own sock and stuffs it into her mouth. That's her loudest "mommy my mouth hurts" sign. And if she's not wearing socks (or can't get them off) then she'll use a burp cloth, blanket, daddy's sock... whatever is handy. She'll stuff it in her mouth, chomp down and just crawl around that way - usually over to me with that - "help me" look in her eye. Melts my heart.

Now that she is crawling, she's also loving all the exploring she can do. She can finally get to whatever toy she wants. Which has been so funny for me to watch. Now I can sit back and just let her go get what she wants. I have to say, all my friends with mobile babies kept saying, you don't want her to crawl... now once she's fast enough to outcrawl me, I may... but right now, I love it! Some of the toys she's been going for are not the toys I thought she wanted to play with. Here's a little snapshot into the chaos that our playroom has become. She LOVES taking every toy off the shelf (and then watching mommy put them all back so that the game can begin again).

She's loves her caterpillar. She's figured out how to pull the string and make it move.Her rock and roll ball has provided lots of laughs!

This is her newest toy. She loves to roll it while she moves on her knees.

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Sandy P said...

Carson is a medicine junkie. He loves it! He tells us his knee hurts often. Sometimes I think it is just to get Tylonol.