Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moving on...

Today we had our 9 month checkup at the Dr and she weighed in at 20lbs and 12 oz and measured 28 inches long. She got an A+ on everything! The shots were a bit tramatic for her and when the Dr would check for reflexes -- like sitting her up and then sort of knocking her over to make sure she would reach her arm out to catch herself - oh my, she REALLY didn't like all that bullying.

Then we got to come home and Megan got to continue to work on her crawling skills! She is so much more content now that she has a little more control over getting to where she wants to be. She's always been content - but recently she's been in that "mommy" frenzy where if I left the room she had a melt down. Makes it hard to do anything during the day. But now she can get to her toys so she'll let me move around. Freedom (at least for now while I'm still faster than she is!)!

Here is that cutie in action

Here are a few pictures of her testing the waters of new crawling territory - moving off the carpet and onto the hard floor. And finally she can get to the tree (oh my!)

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