Friday, August 12, 2016

We're Off!!!!

It's time.....
for the BIG trip!
We are off - for 5 1/2 weeks of family fun, bonding, learning on the road, and road trip chaos.  Because after all... if you are leaving home for 5 1/2 weeks to basically live out of your car - as some point chaos will probably erupt.  But hey, we are going to soak it up and enjoy it!

We didn't stop at the Illinois rest stop because... we were in a groove!  When you are covering 1200+ miles in the first 3 days, you don't stop unless you need to!

Finally we made it to Marion Illinois..... our first layover!  400+ miles covered today.  And the girls were awesome travelers.  Megan was amazed at how many license plates we saw from other states - I think we already have 30 states marked off!   And once we got here - we all needed to unwind a bit.  My girls can be as different as night and day - here's a good example of that.  

For Megan to chill and rest means taking her book to the pool and sitting with her feet in the hot tub while she reads...
 For Nicole - it was an Olympic Reenactment from a freestyle race.  That girl needed to move!  So she swam and swam and got all the wiggles out from the long ride in the car.
Tomorrow we hit the road again to try to cover at least another 1/3 of the distance to the northern shore of Minnesota.

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