Sunday, August 14, 2016

Last leg of the first leg...

Today we finished up the last leg of the first leg of our trip.  So our trip can be broken down into 4 main legs.... Two Harbors, Minneapolis, Fargo, Coolness!  Not that the other 3 aren't cool, because they are - but Tom is actually working the first 3 weeks of this trip - but the last 2... he gets to have fun with us!  And we are going to places that I have never been... that's so cool!

This morning we started out in Wisconsin - which is a beautiful state, and I'd love to do more there.  On the way up to MN, we pass through Tilden WI.... Tilden is the 1/2 way point from the equator to the North Pole.  Little homeschool homework for Megan to figure out what latitude that is (45th latitude).  Pictures while driving... that sign in the middle is the Tilden sign..... over in the trees is the sign that marks the 1/2 way point but it's totally overgrown so you can't really see it anymore.  But you can google it if you want to know what it looked like a few years back!
 After about 4 hours on the road - we finally get a glimpse of Lake Superior in Superior WI.
 And cross the bridge into Minnesota!!!!!
 And finally, to Tom's hometown of Two Harbors.

Only 1209 miles on the road.  And think.... this is just the first leg of the trip!

And the girls were excited to get here and go directly to Grandma's special house to see her.  She was happy and looked great - lots of love given by some sweet girls.  We even ran into Papa who was also visiting.

 And the girls got to go to their favorite Two Harbors park for a little down time!

Not sure what the next couple of days holds - other than a little recovery for the driver.

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