Monday, August 22, 2016

Laid back weekend.

After heading to Minneapolis - we took the weekend to chill and have some fun...

 And take a trip to Minnesota's largest candy store - oh my!!!!!!
This place is pretty awesome!  Imagine every candy from your childhood times 100.....  Meaning it seems like there are 100 flavors of pop rocks, and candy cigarettes, and pez dispensers.  And some wacky bacon flavored things - and every hot sauce that has ever been created. It's awesome!

 And then you hit the drink selections.... bacon flavored drinks, dino spit, hot tamale soda.... if it's been created and it's totally weird - you can probably find it.  Personally - we love taste testing all the cream sodas!
 Then to calm down from the sugar high - a little hot dog roasting in the backyard!

It has been the perfect combination of chilling out and having fun.... tomorrow we girls hit the road for some more good times!

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