Monday, August 29, 2016

The last days in MN

Life was a whirlwind our last few days in MN.... the girls got to golf (putt putt  and "real" golf), visited an amusement park, had some great time with family, rested, relaxed, and just had fun and made memories.  Oh yeah.... and we did get some school time in as well.

 The girls got to help us play a few rounds of Mexican Train Dominos.

We also spend a day seeking thrills at Valley Fair.  For my GA folks - it's a lot like Six Flags.  Let me say that I have 2 roller coaster lovers on my hands!!!!!   Nicole (who is terrified of heights) rode 2 HUGE coasters - The Cork Screw (which is similar to the former Ninja/Current Blue Hawk at Six Flags) and The High Roller (which is a wooden coaster similar to GA Cyclone).  And when I say she "rode" them... I mean - 3-5 times each.  Gracious, I was hardly able to keep up!

 Love these sisters - they have travelled so well together!

 Thankfully, even though Nicole found a love for the big rides -both girls were happy with the rides in Planet Snoopy (the kids area).  Poor Megan was actually too big to ride a couple. :(
 And... that little one about killed us all with her LOVE of the water rides.  I think we rode Thunder Canyon (a big raft ride) at least 5 times.  To say we were soaking wet really doesn't even come close to describing how wet we felt.  But Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn were so great to keep riding with that munchkin... even when Mommy needed a break!
 Here she is on the front of the little coaster - when Tom and Megan had gone to ride another coaster that Nicole and I both said - no thanks to.
 And the swings with Daddy....

With all that going on - the girls have been great to get their studies in (with minimal complaints).

 And we've found great places to get our PE time in......  A little running off of energy at the Chutes and Ladder park was just what we needed!!!!!   I'm so serious - we need a park like this in GA.  They could play for hours and hours here!!!!!

One of our fun traditions at Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawns, is to make our own pizzas from Uncle Murphys.

 and play......  Auntie Dawn has the best dress up clothes!!!!
 And then the princesses got to make their own soda floats.....   Since they don't like Root beer, they made cherry floats with some of the awesome Dads Red Cream Soda we picked up at the Yellow Bark (worlds largest candy store).
 And Megan soaked up her time with baby Eli!!!!!
 So thankful Halee and Adam came back over with Eli, and that cousin Jason could come over - for a fun night of Wii Bowling...... and dominos!

 It was hard to say goodbye....
 BUT - before we drove out of Minnesota - we headed to see Uncle Dan!
The girls had never been to his house - because he always comes to where we are.  Since we were heading west - we dropped in on him in Sauk Rapids!  Not only did they get to see his house - we also got a tour of his school and his awesome 2nd grade classroom!!!!
 and - before getting back in the car - that had to check out his school playground.  Which is awesome, by the way!

Now we are settling into our hotel in Fargo, ND. We will be here all week and will find some fun things to do!

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