Saturday, August 13, 2016

900+ miles down

400+ miles yesterday and then 500+ miles today.... we are definitely road trippin!

I have to say, driving through Illinois is rough... it's a LONG state!  I think this is our 9th summer drive up to MN, so by now we have landmarks that we look forward to.  Like the giant cross in Effingham (no pic since I was driving), or when you finally hit all the wind farms to see the windmills - that's a nice break to the miles and miles of fields.  But we LOVE it when we get to Wisconsin!  You finally start to see hills and trees again!
 And you also know that you are within a couple of hours of stopping! 
And that means - some down time at the hotel.

Of course, my girls show their personalities.... one in the pool.
 One in the hot tub.
 Eventually they get their needed alone time (or at least the one that needs some alone time gets it), and then they start the jumping games.

Tomorrow we will roll into Minnesota to see the grandparents!

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