Sunday, August 7, 2016

SURF Camp and Birthdays

It was a big weekend... we headed to Camp Grace to pick Megan up from SURF camp.  She had a blast and came home really excited about making some new friends.

Each group created and put on a skit...
 Led the parents in some fun and awesome worship time....
 Each group also created and put on a synchronized swimming routine (that was awesome!)...
 THEN.... we got to all enjoy the amenities at Camp Grace and have some family fun time. 
Megan bravely tried the rock wall!

 And the water zip line!
 What you don't see here is that right after Megan got unhooked - Momma was also brave and took off down that zip line too.  Good Lord - it was only for the love of my child who was begging and giving me those puppy dog eyes.  But I did it and made her day! 

Then we rushed home to go and celebrate my mom and dad's birthdays.  It's a belated birthday for Grandma and an early birthday for Granddad (since we will be gone on his birthday).
It was a great weekend to recoup and recover as we get ready for one more week of crazy school at home and a lot of packing!

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