Friday, August 19, 2016

Finishing off our first week.

So we left home a week ago.... I looked at the odometer on the van and I think we are at around 1500 miles so far on this trip.  Lots more to go!   This is our last night with Tom's family in Two Harbors.  So we tried to fit in some of our traditions today!

First - a trip up to Gooseberry Falls!  We girls headed up the north shore a bit and got some hiking in to see the upper, mid and lower falls.

 One of the reasons we always head up there is because there is also a touch of family history at Gooseberry.  The girls great-grandpa helped to build the park and develop the area.   He was in the CCC that was stationed here - The Civilian Conservation Corp.  The CCC came out of the Roosevelt's "The New Deal"  to help provide employment during the Great Depression. 

So we had some great discussions on life back then as we visited with the CCC statue.
And then we got a little closer to the pool at the end of the falls....

 yes..... both of them took a fall at some point, got soaking wet, and we destroyed 2 flip flops.
Highlights... Megan caught a frog, and learned about leaches.... yeah - thankful from someone else finding one, not her "catching" one.  And yes - I may never get back in that water!

We also had to have our day of making cookies.... we used to make cookies every year with Grandma, but as Alzheimer's robbed her of her kitchen prowess, now we make cookies to take to her.

And to celebrate a great day of studies (we did actually get in a great morning of school work before all that fun started!), we had our traditional last night at Dairy Queen!!!!!!!!!

It's always hard to say goodbye!  So we'll try to squeeze in a little more fun tomorrow before we hit the road to head back to the Twin Cities!

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Natalie said...

Glad you all are having so much fun. Looking forward to hearing about new adventures and new areas. Love you lots!!!!