Thursday, September 24, 2009

Special Prizes

Yesterday, Megan and I had a very special trip to Target.... We had to pick up some special prizes!!!!! Why you may ask.....
We (that would be Megan - however, I feel this is a victory for us both!), so again I say WE had a poopy on the potty!!!!!!! YIPEE! And not just once, but twice!

Now, in no way shape or form do I think this battle is over - but it was a small victory and a huge celebration. She got to go pick out a special DVD - and then proceeded to tell everyone in the check out line that she got a DVD fvor pooping on the potty. It was comical!

If you've followed the "poop" posts in the pasts, you know that this is a HUGE thing for us. This weekend we finally had to resort to some drugs after 11 days of with holding. Ugh. So I'm really hoping that maybe this will be our new start and we'll have more potty success in this area. Until then - feel free to sing along....
Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we're on our way... To help a baby animal and save the day (or get Megan to poop). We're not too big, and we're too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff. Go Wonder Pets!

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Alexis said...

Yeah Megan....we, too, had a small victory in the potty saga!!!!