Monday, September 28, 2009

Celebrate Good Times!

We had a fun weekend celebrating my birthday. Megan was the best little celebrator ever! For over a week now she has been randomly bursting out into the Happy Birthday Song. Oh, talk about warming my heart! Sunday we got together with my family and had a fun family birthday out. It's always wonderful to be surrounded by the kiddos to help you celebrate. I had to just add this photo in.... Megan is a fast eater and so I've learned to carry an "out to eat" bag with me whenever we are heading out to a restaurant. It's given me a moment to eat with friends while Megan was occupied, or Tom and I a chance to actually have a few minutes to eat with minimal disruption. And it's stuff that Megan only gets to use when we are out to eat so she loves it! I was soooo glad I had the bag with us for our dinner out. It ended up being a long dinner out with slow service... the fact that it was a group of 7 adults and 4 kids probably didn't help much. One of the bit hits of the bag - playdoh!

By the time we were waiting for to-go boxes and checks, all the kids had joined in and fun was had by all. You just have to love Play doh!!!!! - and birthdays! :^)

And..... only 45 days or so to go until we add a 5th little munchkin into the mix!

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