Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Sweet

I picked Megan up from school today - our best drop off day ever - and my heart has been mush ever since!

First - she walked right in without any clinging. This is huge. She loves school, but at every drop off she gets clingy and says she wants mommy to stay and play with her. We are in a clingy phase to be sure! I pawn her off on a teach and within a minute she's fine. When I pick her up, she's as happy as a lark.

Second - I go to pick her up and her teacher tells me that she was the sweetest mother hen all day. Now I think - oh great did she bully everyone around and tell them what to do??? But no, she was the consoler all day. If anyone cried - Megan was right there to hug them and pat their back and tell them, "it's ok, Your mommy is coming back." (we have to go over that on school days - mommies always come back.) Then on the playground the "babies" (1 year olds) were outside and Megan was all about helping them and talking about how she was going to teach all sorts of things to her baby sister. Mandi, her teacher, said that all day she talked about how "cited" she was to be a big sister. My little sweetie!

And third... we got to the car and I told her I had a surprise for her because she was so good and brave this morning and went into her class by herself.... she looked at me and with THE BIGGEST and cutest smile I have ever seen on her (I wish I had my camera with me) she said, "You got me a milkshake?" Well, no - but she accepted the gummy snacks with just as much gusto and "citement".

For the remainder of the ride home (or at least until she fell asleep) she told me all about being a big sister and what things big sisters need - like a big girl bed that is soft and not crunchy (? ok?), paci's to give to baby sister, etc... so sweet.

In all the excitement, I never got to post anything about our loss of the paci's... so here's a short version of a long story... Megan was addicted to her Paci's - We had originally gotton rid of them when she was a year old, but she started sucking her thumb so I gave them back. But then she got sooooooo attached that I had no idea how we were going to survive this transition. Well what do you know.... 2 weeks ago, Megan bit her tongue, got a HUGE ulcer on it (really bad) and for 3 days couldn't eat or drink anything... and when she tried to put a paci in her mouth she'd scream because it hurt. Ta da! Bye Bye Paci's...... it was a rough few days, but who knows if it was the mouth ulcer or the paci withdrawal - it just went hand in hand. She's asked for them a few times and my response was - remember how the paci's made your mouth hurt, we had to get rid of them. And her response was, I don't want my paci's anymore, they hurt. Praise the Lord for divine intervention!

And as for the big girl bed issue... that's a whole other story for another blogging day!


Whitlamy said...

We've not mastered the drop off yet. He cries "No, mommy. I don't. No cry mommy." from the second we enter the parking lot all the way to the door. It kind of breaks my heart. Then he proceeds to cling to my leg until they pry him off. NOT FUN!! Today was the first day he didn't cry when I picked him up. So, maybe we're making some progress. They always say he cheers up fairly quickly.

Sandy P said...

I do not look forward to getting rid of the paci. I am sure I will hear about it all day everyday. Maybe I can find something for her to do for a couple of days so I don't have to be around her!