Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A real girl!

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I have to start this by saying, I always thought I'd be a "boys" mom... going to tee-ball games and soccer games, playing in the dirt and splashing in puddles and catching frogs and worms and such. I NEVER imagined being a girls mom. When we found out Megan was going to be a girl, I was really in shock. I mean let's be honest here - I'm not all about fashion and girly things. I love a good hockey game, murder novels, I'd pick a sci-fi movie over a romantic comedy most days. Now I do love Anne of Green Gables and Jane Austin movies and such.... but in general - "girl stuff" is just a new world for me. BUT... I love my girl (soon to be girls). Tom was thrilled beyond belief to have a girl (which shocked me a little because he's from a "boy" family and is mr. sports man). And now, as Megan turns 2 1/2 (yesterday was her 1/2 birthday) I am completely engrossed in a little girls world. Baby dolls, art, tea parties in our little kitchen, etc... It's a wonderful unexpected world (which does also include trains and lego's and such). I'm learning to make bows, sew her cute clothes, teach her to cook fun things, etc...

Today - we entered a new world of being a girls mom... It was soooo fun and just made my heart smile sooooo big! I think I was beaming all day from sheer joy of watching my little girl being so happy doing such a little girl thing....

Today was Megan's first dance class!!!! She was sooooo excited to put on her leotard and twirly skirt.
After "leaving her" at school yesterday I wondered what her reaction would be today. On the way to class I reminded her that I'd be watching her through the window. Then she told me that I could sit in a chair and then she'd get a teddy bear....... At first I thought - what? Then I realized that she was thinking back to our trip to my niece's dance recital when we sat and chairs and watched her dance and at the end, they got dancing bears. We had to set that record straight before her heart got crushed that she didn't get a dancing bear. Let's just say that she had so much fun, that bear or no bear - she's ready to go back!

There are 7 little girls in her class and I'm so glad we signed up for this class. It's another class through our local park and rec. program - so fun!

It was hard to get a picture through the windows again. In the lower right corner (above) you'll see a yellow blog.... that's a beanbag. They had a little beanbag dance and they got to throw them in the air. Megan had seen me at the window and was dancing and throwing by the window and her beanbag went over her head and landed on the ledge by the window. All the moms outside were on the floor laughing as Megan tried to find her beanbag that never came down from the sky. It was very cute.

At the end of class, the teacher gets her "stage" out and each girl has a chance to walk up on it and do a twirl and a "ta-da!" pose while everyone else claps for them. It's really sweet - then while they are up there, they get stamps - which of course is an added plus for Megan!

As Megan came running out of class exclaiming, "See Mommy, I a ballerina!" - I beamed with joy that my little girl was indeed a little ballerina girl! I love you my twirling sweetheart!

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Dawn said...

I absolutely LOVE your girly-girl ballerina! Could she be any more of a little princess???