Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharing Snack

This is why I never seem to get anything accomplished during the day.... Cute isn't she....
Even cuter when she says, "Mommy I sharing my snack with my friends!"

Now let me just interject here that I was in the kitchen washing dishes and Megan was sitting on the floor by the kitchen table playing and eating some goldfish. We'd been talking and giggling together. Megan had been playing with her duckie and one of her dolls. They'd been an integral part of our conversation --- but her back was to me.

Evidently, Duckie got hungry and wanted some goldfish...

Megan had been putting them in his beak (how did I not know this was happening?) and he was quacking them down. I was aware of the "quacking", just not the "eating" that was taking place simultaneously.

Then baby got hungry.... Thank goodness she didn't have a mouth big enough to get a goldfish into!

So my "2 steps forward" at trying to clean the kitchen while Megan was "occupied" was actually 2 steps backwards since not only did I not finish the dishes, I also had to sweep up the floor.... after she'd knocked half the contents of the counter off swinging around the broom trying to be oh so "helpful!"


hmferrero said...

Gotta love that imagination!!!


Michelle said...

The story of my life!! I'm working on cleaning one mess while one (or all 3) of my three is making another.