Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pick-up Update

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweetheart!
Megan is officially 2 1/2.... Hard to belive we are on our way to 3. Megan was a happy girl when I picked her up yesterday. She said it was "good" and actually knew the names of a couple of the boys in her class.... should I be concerned that she knew some of the boys but not the girls. Huuummmmm. Her teachers said she cried for about 5 minutes when she realized I had left but recovered quickly. Then they asked me if she liked to sing... Oh yeah - my baby sings her heart out all the time. Well evidently school was no different - she sang all day long. So precious.
The kiddos were playing in the sand at pick up time so it all went smoothly. I was asking Megan all about her day and at naptime she looked at me and said, "mommy left me." Oh my. My heart was breaking. Then she said, "Don't do that again. Next time you stay and play with me." But she wasn't upset. Hopefully after talking about it all last night and today she won't freak out tomorrow when mommy leaves again.

On a sad note.... In my blog list on the side I've had a CaringBridge site on there for Tom's boss - Lorna White. Yesterday Lorna passed away from her battle with Cancer. It made it a very emotional day - Megan turning 2 1/2, Megan starting school, feeling a bit abandoned by mommy, and then losing a sweet and dear friend to Cancer. Please pray for Lorna's family and friends as they grieve for this wonderful woman!


Dawn said...

Val, I am so sorry to hear about Lorna! I know how much she meant to you and Tom. I will pray for hearts to heal, as she sure was loved by a lot of people. I can only imagine how emotional the day had to be for you! Sending big hugs to you and Tom!!!


Sandy P said...

I think the dark haired girl in the sand box is Olivia.

Macie said she played with Megan and Bryce on the play ground Thursday.