Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update 2

Friday - good day
Saturday.... oh my goodness - we actually spent the whole day in big girl undies (Dora!). I've been shocked at how great she's doing. I know this may just be another honeymoon period, but she's actually been telling me when she needs to go. WooHoo!

I promise I'll get the last part of our MN trip posted asap.
I'm selling some things in a consignment sale next week and I've been working my rear end off trying to get it all ready. We'll see how it goes.

And you can say a prayer for me, I think my iron levels have plumeted again - I've been so drained and exhausted - not your normal pregnancy/chasing a toddler exhausted - I mean debilitatingly exhasted. I'm trying to get back on my iron supplements - you know, the ones I stopped taking because they were making me so sick.... Ugh.

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hmferrero said...

Glad to hear the potty training is getting better. That stinks about your iron. Praying you get it back to normal (or at least close) really soon.