Thursday, July 16, 2009

PT Update

I've gotton several emails and phone calls checking on the potty training journey so I thought I'd just post an update...
So today was day 4. Here's a recap of our week from MY perspective...

Monday... pretty good day. Even stayed dry when out and about. Had 2 accidents in the evening, but overall pretty good. Megan was excited and happy.

Tuesday... thought about calling in someone to perform an exorcism because I don't know what happened to my child, but I'd like her back. Seriously, by 9:30 am I was wanting to just sit and cry with her. If I wasn't pregnant, I might have just downed a bottle of wine. Oh my gosh, this is the most horrible experience ever!!!!!! BUT, I will perseve... if for no other reason - because I can't imagine having to stop and then relive this day and have a baby to take care of at the same time.

Wednesday.... Awesome day! No accidents, stayed dry all day! We even went to a water park and she went to the potty there 3 times! WooHoo! No screaming (ok, just a little bit, but compared to the experience on Tuesday it was not an issue).

Thursday.... I'm ready to wake up from this potty training nightmare. OK, now in reality - the potty issue isn't that bad. She stayed dry all day. Had one accident - but even that was a bizarre sort of accident but a huge step. I'm doing the "bare bottom around the house" approach - but we had company so I put on some Dora undies and at one point she went into the bathroom and pooped in her potty... unfortunately, she forgot to take the undies off first. BUT, she pooped in the bathroom and on the potty - all alone! So, although it wasn't "perfect" still, it's a battle won in this war of the potty. The problem is that Megan has realized that she's losing control in some way and has become the most whiney, screaming, crying, needy child I have ever seen. It's overwhelming!

Friday.... ????
I'm praying for a good day. Let's just say - that I'd totally pay someone else to do this. It's been the biggest challenge I've ever faced in parenting so far. I thought her biting stage was bad... oh no - easy peasy compared to potty training. I see this as the biggest plus for day care... oh how nice it would be to have someone else helping me with this during the day!

Now I'm not writing this to scare my friends who are headed down this route - it's really for my own memory so that I can remember the stages when baby #2 hits this part of the journey. A friend of mine said her pediatrician counseled her that day 1 is good, then on day 2-4 they realize you are trying to control them and take away their control and they revolt. It's a process of breaking their will. I totally understand what he was saying. Megan knows what to do - it's all a matter of if she does it. We have some rewards set up and she knows that she'll lose a reward if she pottys on the floor/chair/ whereever (especially after I remind her to go every 15-30 minutes). And since Tuesday, she's done that... but she's pitched a fit the whole time. I'm praying that each day forward gets a little easier! I have always known that Megan wasn't "laid back" really - she's a type A personality at 2 (she told the lady at the store yesterday that she was 2 1/2.. where did that come from?). She's very very strong willed - and boy howdy, we are seeing just how stubborn and strong willed she is. I am praying for some easier days to come!

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Sandy P said...

Hang in there! Macie is so much different than Carson was to train. She does fine if we just let her go on her own. That way she is in charge. The going regularly did not work for her. She can go longer than I can without going to the bathroom.