Friday, July 24, 2009

MN revisited

Finally, I got the last part of our MN trip uploaded. The second part of our trip was spent in the twin cities at Tony and Dawn's (Tom's Cousin). Megan loves visiting Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn and their 3 cats!
Auntie Dawn even let Megan help her take Bear for a little jaunt outside. And then, every girl needs a spin in the convertible!
Auntie Dawn even unpacked some skates for Megan.... Megan the skating bubble blower!

Uncle Tony even turned on the sprinkler and Megan gave her car a little wash down.

Megan loved her new camera (Thanks Auntie Dawn) and spent much of her time "taking pictures"... and wow was that the greatest travel toy. We'd pass a cow and Megan would start asking for her camera to take a picture. We had HOURS of amusement with that in the car.

On July 3rd, we had a get together with several of Tom's aunts and uncles. Megan got some good snuggle time in with Uncle Paul.

Then on the 4th of July, we headed to Dawn's parents farm for a cookout and some farm fun. Once Megan heard we were going to a farm she was beside herself with joy about getting to pet the cows.... it took a lot to get her to understand they had lots of corn but no animals. She got over it though when she got a ride on the "mule."

And a jaunt in the cornfield....

Uncle Tony even gave her a big lift in the BIG tractor!

And a little playtime in the little tractor kept her very happy on the cowless farm!

And once we got home, Megan made sure to give Bebe some 4th of July hugs!

Bebe is an old lady cat so Auntie Dawn always helps Megan be very gentle (good big sister practice).
Then of course, we had to get some more energy out.... so here comes the skating queen. Now I have to say, this brings back lots of memories for me because I remember having a pair of skates that you put on over your shoes.... Megan still loves them Auntie Dawn!
In the morning, Megan would snuggle up to Bear and they'd watch the bunnies and birds out the window.
And I think out of our whole trip... we got 2 family pictures. One at the reunion and this one at a rest area on our way home. We had a great trip and have lots of memories (and pictures) to pass on!

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Dawn said...

Awwww! We love and miss you guys SO MUCH!!!