Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prayer for a Dear Friend

I wanted to send out a prayer request shout out for our friend Lorna. Lorna has been battling breast cancer and finally finished all her chemo and radiation. She was on the mend and was back at work after a rough year. Lorna also happens to be Tom's immediate boss, but she's really more than that. She's a sweet friend and we just adore her! While we were out of town, Lorna had a trip to the hospital and they "uncovered" some cancer that had spread. Her original diagnosis was that her breast cancer was a virulent form, but they felt that they got it all and showed no signs of it spreading. So this has been a huge shock to suddenly go in and find it in multiple places.

She's currently in the hospital and tomorrow they start chemo. She'll be on a few cycles with 2 weeks on and then off for a week. So please pray for her as she and her husband, Bill, go through this trying time. Bill just started up a Caring Bridge site as well.

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