Monday, July 27, 2009

Kelly, Tom and Granddad

With all the excitement and preparations for our trip to MN, I never had a chance to post a special happy Birthday to my own dear husband and sister-in-law, Kelly. Or a Happy Father's Day to my Dad (or Tom). So now it's all belated - but the memories live on... The kids wanted in on the action when Tom and Kelly blew out their joint birthday candles.
And my little choc-o-holic loved the Birthday cake!!!!!!

And the occasion wasn't complete without some lovin on Granddad for Father's Day!

Somehow Anna escaped all my pictures from the celebration..... all except this one. I couldn't leave my sweet niece out, so here she is giving her mom some special attention for Kelly's birthday.

Hard to believe we are about to start up the next round of birthday celebrations. Happy almost birthday Mom... when you read this it probably will be your birthday. We are thinking of you and excited about our next family gathering for your special day!

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