Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PT update

I know - you are just hanging on the edge of your seat waiting to know how it's going in the world of big girl undies and potties.....


I'm totally shocked that Megan has done so well. Especially after a few of our days last week - just a total battle of wills and power struggles. But although I get daily reminders that she is 2 years old - she's handled potty training like a pro. As a matter of fact, today was our first full day of wearing Dora undies all day. She has moved on to coming to tell me (or running by me) when she has to go to the bathroom. Wow. She loves her undies (thanks Auntie Dawn) and even asked to wear them today. We are still using diapers or pull up's at night (especially since that is when she's starting having some poopies - need I say more?). But during the day, we are IN real girl undies. She's been dry during naps for a good while - that's how we knew she was probably ready - that and the fact that she kept asking to go to the potty when we were swimming, and actually went.

Now next week she has gym camp 2 days.... I still haven't decided about that yet. :^)
I promise - eventually this won't be our life... and I'll move onto other subjects.

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Dawn said...

Way to go, Miss Megan!!! We are SOOO proud of you! You are one VERY special and amazing little girl, and you never cease to amaze us! We're pretty sure the fact that you have such a wonderful Mommy and Daddy plays a big role in who you we know that God made you just perfect! Give Mommy and Daddy a big hug from us! We love and miss you all!!!

Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn