Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just one peek! Please!

Today, itty bitty baby Blaisdell had a chance to redeem herself and loose the "uncoperative" title. We headed to the specialist for a high-tech US to see if they could get the pictures that my doctor couldn't get. It's one of those "advanced maternal age" issues where our hospital requires a full set of pictures and our little girl wouldn't cooperate. After about 2 hours and a LOT of pushing and prodding, they were finally able to get the last few pictures (with Megan I had to go back 3 times because she kept throwing her hands and legs around). It was fun to see her again and we even got to look at her with the 4D ultrasound - wow, that's cool. But she didn't want her picture taken so all we got was a big handprint - which is cool in itself - her first high 5!
Everything looked great and we don't have to go back. I'll miss seeing that pumpkin again on the screen - but hey, in 18 weeks or less we'll get to see her for real!
And of course, I can't end without a Megan story.... on our way home from MN we stopped at McDonalds. Megan was playing on the playground getting out some of that "I've been in the car for 2 days" energy out. 3 little girls (sisters) came to play. The oldest was about 5 and the youngest was about 1. Megan just went hysterical, in a happy way. She said, "mommy look, big sister and little sister." Then she went up to the big girl and told her, "I big sister too" and then to the littest sister said, "Hi baby look at me!" (which is a page in her new favorite book - I'm a big sister now!). It was the sweetest thing - I just hope and pray that when her little sister does get here, she's as excited as she is now when she talks about it. Until then, moments like that just make my heart smile.

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Dawn said...

Oh, itty bitty Baby Blaisdell is so cute (just like her big sister)!!! Thank you for sharing the US pictures! Love and miss you all!!!