Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Potty Time

Before we left for MN, Megan and I headed to Ikea to get a "travel potty". Megan was so excited to pick out a pink potty. We bought it to have in the car once we started potty training (a recommendation given to me by many of my moms friends who said it was a good thing to have for those last minute "mommy I have to potty" moments when you are in the middle of nowhere). She loves her potty - we took it to MN and she used it a bunch. And today we officially started potty training. WooHoo! We'll see how it goes, especially since we have been on the go. But today, even with an outing, she stayed dry from the time she woke up till she fell asleep at about 1:30.... WooHoo! It's just good to have started the process.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Miss Megan is going to be a breeze at the potty training. She self-started and is more than willing. That's the biggest battle! She's so amazing!!!

Love and miss you guys!!!