Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cross Country Driving

I have so many picture to go through from our trip to MN, but I had to post a few of the drive. I remember thinking how cool it would be to drive across the US at some point - see all America has to offer. I've been to about 18 countries, but have seen less than 1/2 of my own. How wierd is that? But this trip - we managed to clock some road time in several states that I've never driven through. And we saw some fun sites...
Like the Superman water town in Metropolis IL. They even have a Superman museum, since it's his hometown and all... but when you're trying to cover as much road as possible while your toddler is happy - you don't stop for anything!IL is also the home of the World's Largest Cross.... you'll see that in Effingham. And I have to say that IL is one of the most boring states (sorry if you live there). We drove the state in it's entirity from South to North on the way up, and from West to East on the way home (because we HAD to have a different route, the road construction was horrible on the S to N trip!!!!). Finally after HOURS of nothing... we saw lots of windmills.
Then we passed the blessed line into Wisconsin - a welcome relief to the road construction and the monotony of farm after farm after farm. The landscape was very different and unexpected. Megan traveled well (thank you Lord) and we had a good trip...
She even slept past the spot in Tilden WI where you are 1/2 way between the equator and the North Pole. Very fun..... you can't really see the sign well, I was speeding by (once again, trying to cover as much ground as possible while Megan slept).
And when we finally got to Superior Wi, it was not only beautiful, but it was also a welcome relief - knowing that we were less than an hour from our destination.

The road trip was fun - we know we'll do it again - since we'll take advantage of the summer to drive and not fly now that we have to pay for Megan's airline ticket, and before too long, another one. But we'll definitely try some different routes. This was sort of a scouting expedition to know what's along the way. At some point we'll do the "Lincoln" tour (since IL is the Land of Lincoln), and Mammth Cave in IN (I liked driving in IN much better than IL). At at some point we'll go through St. Louis to try that route. It was fun, but with a combo of 40 hours of drive time (round trip), we were really ready to be home!

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