Thursday, January 6, 2011

More MN fun

While at Grandma and Papa's - Megan got a lot building time in...Nicole got a lot of walking practice in.... (every picture was fuzzy because she's in motion)We Blaisdell girls got snuggle time in!And Megan watched her FIRST Disney movie.
For Christmas, Megan got the DVD of Cinderella and she's been dying to watch it so we took it with us. I know it might be hard to believe that she's a few months from turning 4 and this was her first full length movie... and lets just say we didn't watch all of it. She is has such a sensitive spirit that most movies (ok, all of them) have villians and some proble to overcome and they just are too much for Megan to handle. But last summer she FINALLY could sit through the book of Cinderella so we thought, perhaps she was ready to watch it with us. Well - she definitely can't watch it alone. The cat chasing the mice terrify her (Lucifer (the cat) is too scary for her). The mean step mother has some moments that are too heavy for her... but she LOVES the ball! Thank goodness you can fastforward DVDs. My sweet girl is definitely the one who cries if a character cries and shouts for joy when they shout for joy... but she's also the one who runs and hides in the closet when they get scared. So we'll stick to our good ole Mickey Mouse clubhouse (even Pete and the giant scare her) and Max and Ruby for awhile.

But MOST "normal" cartoons don't cause major problems...

When we were in MN, Megan got a horrible cold and one day she just learned what it meant to be a couch potato. Thankfully Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn have a little kid recliner.. she was in heaven!
Megan got a special treat from Uncle Tony while she was there (that deserves it's own post - but here's a taste of the preparations....)Auntie Dawn got lots of hugs and kisses!!!!Nicole not only started practicing her walking skills - she also showed us that she's going to be our climber. Uh oh....And Auntie Dawn got plenty of lessons on hair styling from Megan.

It was a great trip and we miss you all!

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