Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Minnesota 2010

I know that our MN family has been wondering when, oh when I'd finally post some pictures of our trip to MN..... Sorry sorry it's taken so long. Life's been a bit hectic and to be honest.... I finally found my camera.

Anyway - here are a few photos of our trip (many more to come, after a good nights sleep).

Uncle Dan got lovin from both girls - Nicole was a little more challenging because she was starting to try out some of her walking skills so she was a little girl on the go!And of course, we had to take Nicole out for her first MN winter snow!!!!!Nicole seemed to like it....
Nicole let us know when she was done and wanted to go inside to warm up. We had a great visit and this is just the beginning of the trip. I'll try to get some more photos up soon.
And on a current note... we are definitely in "toddlerhood"... Today Nicole spent more time walking (ok, at least it was 50/50) than crawling. She's so cute and so proud of herself. She will walk, bend over and pick something up, smile, turn around, walk back and clap for herself. It's super sweet. Now that I've found my camera, maybe I can get a picture of it! :^)

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