Monday, January 24, 2011

Being Sick and Being a Big Girl

There is something about Sunday nights that I don't like... perhaps it's that 2 out of the last 3 Sunday nights, Megan has come down with a mystery illness. 3 weeks ago (the night of the big snow) Megan got sick at dinner... It'll be a LONG time before we go back to that Applebees. Then last night she seemed fine - until about 1:30 when I woke up to her crying in her room. She'd gotton sick - and stayed sick all night. 3 loads of laundry later she's now napping in her room.

Thank goodness she had such a great day yesterday that she earned tv time. Cause we've had a LOT of that today.

Early this afternoon I put Nicole down for a nap and came out to go put Megan down for a nap. She said she wanted to play for a few minutes while I was putting Nicole down. I came out and found this... She's curled up and put herself to sleep on Daddy's chair.
Poor thing....

I moved her to her bed and I took a nap too! A short one..... Nicole didn't cooperate with my plans.

You know it's hard when your babies are sick - and sometimes it just breaks your heart. Last night I was up at 1:30 to Megan crying and standing in the middle of the room. Got her cleaned up, her bed stripped and remade and a load of laundry going - finally got back in bed about 2:20.... only to lie there and pray that she'd have a calm rest of the night. 2:45 the bathroom light came on. I jumped up and there was Megan trying to clean herself up because she'd gotton sick again. It was "mild" and we were on the last matress cover so I got it all cleaned up (anyone who knows that I'm a reactionary vommiter knows that I grew a LOT last night) and we put down a couple of towels over the small problem area (got rid of the pillow that took the big hit) and she went straight back to sleep. I write all that as a prelude to the next part....

At this point it's 3am and I'm beyond exhausted. I fall into bed and hear nothing until 6am. Well evidently at some point at least once, if not twice during those 3 hours of deep sleep, Megan gets sick again and she gets up and cleans herself up and puts more towels down and goes back to sleep. When I realized all this this morning - I felt horrible. One of those huge mommy guilt moments!!!!

This past week we had a very rough behavior week with Megan. She poured her hair detangler down the drain so she could play with the bottle, ran through the house with the end of the toilet paper roll and then put all the tp into Nicoles bath water. Then to really cap the week off on Friday night she got into some of my special craft glue/shellack and spilt it all over her bed, night stand and herself and basically shellacked her leg... she limped for 2 days until we were finally able to get it all off because he leg was covered in a huge crust (talk about living with consequences). We'd already spent some of her christmas money to replace the TP and hair detangler (she went to target and had to pay for it herself - she told the cashier she was learning to not be wasteful). The reality is - most of the things she's gotten in trouble for this past week were because she's trying to act bigger than she is.... and then last night she really was a big girl and took care of cleaning herself up.... I asked her why she didn't come get me or call to me and she said, "But momma, I wanted you to get a good nights sleep." aaaawwww.

So far today she's lethargic but no fever, no coughing, no other symptoms and she's not throwing up... but she's also not eating. Hopefully tonight we can get something in her.


Dawn said...

That poor, sweet little princess! I hope she's felling much better soon...and doesn't share the tummy bug with the rest of you! And I hope once she's feeling better that her "challenging" stretch also ends. Give her big hugs from Uncle Tony, Jake, the kitties and I!

We love and miss you all!

hmferrero said...

Wow - she is getting big! Sorry she's been so sick and keeping you awake. That is tough. Praying for a sleep-filled night to come your way soon.