Monday, January 31, 2011

Megan's Prayer

All evening I've been getting up the nerve to write this post. It's really a call to prayer for one of Megan's little friends - Juli. Juli is in Megan's dance class. She's a very special little girl who has overcome so many odds with a genetic disorder and still dances with joy. Well, currently little Juli is fighting a different battle. She got the flu and that turned into Pneumonia.... well it has just gotton worse and currently she's at Scottish Rite in ICU and unable to breath on her own. Click HERE and you can get to her Caringbridge site. It just breaks my heart to see a sweet little girl - who is the same age as my baby - going through this. Then to have Megan pray for her.... wow does that take the cake on breaking my heart wide open. This was her prayer tonight at bedtime....
Thank you God for Juli and heal her body so that she's not sick anymore. One day I know you'll give her a new body that's all perfect and she'll get a crown and live with you in Heaven in your castle with lots of rooms. But then her mommy would be sad and she won't get to dance with us. So it's ok for you to just make her better now and let her dance with me.

Ok - need a tissue now. Normally she doesn't quite pray like that - usually's it's more thank you for mommy, daddy, megan, help me to obey, etc... But something grabbed her heart tonight and she really prayed!!!

I just love her heart and her desire to know about heaven. Almost every night she asks me about heaven. All that to say - we are all very concerned about Juli. So please join us in praying for her and her family.

On another note... I had to go pick Megan up early at school today because she was so tired that she was literally falling asleep at school. This morning when she woke up she just wasn't herself so I sent a note to her teachers and true to form - she wasn't herself at school either. She fell asleep on the way home and still took a 3 hour nap. And then was back in bed by 8pm. No fever, no other symptoms other than she says she's cold. So - we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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hmferrero said...

I saw on FB that Nicole was sick but how's Megan???