Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you can't beat it - enjoy it!

We're all starting to take bets on how long we'll be "snowed in".... I'll be shocked if everything gets back to normal before Thursday at the earliest. And I must say that I'm a true Atlanta girl when it comes to all this snow fun... ok, 2 days - we're good. Let's move on! :^)

But since all that is out of my hands - let's just get into the winter spirit and ENJOY! Today we decided to head across the street to attack the hill that is in our neighbors front yard. But on the way over, I couldn't help but demonstrate how icy our driveway is....
Megan and I had a great time on the hill across the street.

Tom was able to take advantage of a little time at lunch to come on out and join in the fun. Megan was so excited to have Daddy to sled with! That's the drawback of working from home - he didn't get snowdays off from work.

Nicole woke up from her nap a bit early (way too early) so we suited her up and she came out to join us.

She seemed to be ok in the little sled.... as long as we were moving.
Tom ended up taking the little munchkin back inside and we were finally able to make our snowman - or as Megan says, "our snow gurl". We realized that if you broke through the layer of ice, the snow underneath was great packing snow (yesterday it was just powder).

Megan was very proud of our snow gurl.

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Dawn said...

Love it! I'm glad you guys are out enjoying the snow! I'm with Nicole at this point... Looks like Megan is feeling better...YEAH!

Love and miss you guys big time!!!