Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny Stories to Remember

Every once in awhile funny things happen and I think - I need to write that down.... So I'm emptying my memory bank of a couple of really funny (or significant) things that have happened recently...

For the first time ever Nicole "prefered" someone over me..... WOW! 1/4/11..... I was putting Nicole to bed and she was so agitated and finally reared back, looked at me and yelled (repeatedly) "Dada Dada!" So there you go Daddy..... you got yourself a little Daddy's girl. Sure enough I gave her over to her Dad (she was beside herself at this point) and she settled down in seconds and went right to sleep. Melted my heart!

Megan... oh my goodness, she'll be giving me a run for my money for a long time to come! Yesterday she was not into dinner.... after eating a few bites she decided she'd rather just be hungry than eat with us. I'm NOT a short order cook so she eats what we eat, or she just doesn't eat. Well, I'd already planned on making smoothies later for dessert and since they are all fruit, I let her partake of one. She was sitting at the table drinking her smoothie and started asking for the a banana. I gave her my usual response of "no, if you'd eaten dinner you wouldn't be hungry. I bet your smoothie will fill your tummy up, etc..." A minute later she was behind me (I was washing out our new super blender) and I heard her looking at something on the counter. I turned around to see her grab our BIG tupperware container of Christmas cookies and start running with it. Seriously, she was running to her room with it like I didn't know she had it. I'm yelling to stop (with a threat or two attached) and made her take it back to the kitchen. I asked, "Megan what were you going to do with that?" (duh) and her 3 year old response, "I don't know?" Oh mygoodness!

Did I mention I'm still finding little piles of baby powder all over the house. Megan somehow got ahold of a container and it's all over the house in little "snowpiles." great.

This has been a week of laughter, nap/room time challenges, frustration to tears, and funny memories. Nicole is a cute little toddler who's working on 4 new teeth. I think the first of the 4 might even get through this weekend. And Megan is.... well she's a hoot.

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hmferrero said...

I think Megan and Justin would get into quite a bit of trouble together. Did I tell you of how one time he was in timeout upstairs while Erika and Jacob were watching tv and he snuck down and was sitting on the landing to watch? I have NEVER seen him move so fast as when he realized I saw him and was coming towards him. :)