Friday, January 14, 2011

More Frigid Fun

Finally, today the temps will rise above freezing and start melting our winter wonderland. So yesterday we too advantage of the last below freezing day and got in some final playtime on the sleds.

I just love this shot of Tom walking Megan up the hill... what a great Daddy!

Nicole only lasts a little bit outside, and then we retreat to the warm inside to watch all the action. Shadow stayed with us yesterday and he was keeping a vigilent eye on Nicole.

Well it has been one of those bizarre Ga winters.... a few weeks in and we've already had 2 snows - one that shut us down for a week. It's just so rare that I can't be frustrated by it -it is what it is. And we've tried to milk it for all its worth... but it's also a reminder why I am glad I live in Ga instead of in the frozen tundra up North somewhere. I like my snow "days" and snow "week" but beyond that - No Thank You. I'm ready to get back to the 50's and be able to play outside - on bikes and trikes and swings - not sleds.

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