Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacations are for hotels

At least that's what the kids think. What's a vacation without a night in the hotel - and the hotel swimming pool!!!!????!!!!

I'm not sure what the draw of a hotel pool is over our neighborhood pool.... I really think it's just the fun hangtime with family.
Grandma and Granddad chilled out and watched all the kids and grandkids have some fun.
I have to say Megan LOVED the pool... she could touch the bottom! Our pool at home is pretty deep and she can't touch and have her head out of the water. So she loved being able to play and jump around.
Nicole... she's a little waterbug. At least she is when she wants to be. If she wasn't in the water, we were chasing her around the outside.
We had a great time starting our vacation early and having a fun stop with everyone. And now.... the BEACH!

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