Monday, July 4, 2011


This is pretty much what our early mornings look like...
As we adults try to recover from all the kids waking up at the crack of dawn.
Uncle Kevin always treats us to great a breakfast.
His omlets are legendary - and Megan even asked for seconds... yeah, she ate 2 omlets.... that would be 4 eggs. geez.
After our breakfast settled a bit, we headed to the beach.

Megan and Anna finally caught on that they should build a sancastle on the other side of our beach chairs so that they could actually finish a castle before Nicole came to smoosh it.
We had lots of fun time in the water... at least Tom and Megan did. I pretty much stayed sand bound with Nicole.
Tom had a great time playing with Megan, Daniel and Justin. And Megan loved being out there with the boys.
This was my view as I sat, relaxed and read as Nicole took her nap.

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